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Rules and Principles

A few rules and principles for the little_model_airport (LMA) going forward.

This is to establish an explicit understanding of expectations on all parties; and therefore to sustain the smooth running of LMA. 

(1) To people who download templates

- If you spot an issue on the WEBSITE layout itself (incorrect files attached, items not showing correctly etc), please contact myself.

- If you have any QUERIES on a particular TEMPLATE, you should try contacting the creators who are marked on the website. Most of their contacts can be found at the bottom of the webpage.

- Comment section, messages across all social media platforms can not be always monitored or replied due to their sheer amount. 

- Going forward, LMA is not going to do new repaints on request. LMA has no control over what other Collaborators make.

- LIABILITIES: While LMA is taking reasonable steps to screen for inappropriate content, LMA will not take responsibility for any issue caused by content made by creators on the site. 

(2) For existing and future collaborators

First of all, thank you for all the time and effort you guys put into creating templates and repaints, making this paper model community a better place. As mentioned, because of the number of submissions for uploaded, here are some rules and principles to help standardise the process. Most of you are already doing that and if it is you, you are very nice and considerate.

- DECISION TO UPLOAD: LMA retains all rights in making the final decision on what content are to be put on the website. Considerations include but are not limited to quality, authenticity, development direction of website etc. Depending on the situation, LMA may suggest or request changes to be made before allowing for publishing.

- FORMAT: pdf is preferred, you are encouraged to add your name/ social media account onto the template. Make sure it is at the correct size that the template prints to scale at 100% size as noted on the template. png/jpg blank templates on LMA are for personal use and not as bases for repaints intended to be shared online.

- NO DOUBLE HANDLING: all files of completed templates should be ready to upload. LMA is not here to help you to convert/ rescale/ edit/ combine files. But LMA is more than happy to help review and give comments to half-completed templates so mistakes can be picked up early and keep content quality on the website high.

- I CAN'T READ MIND: can't believe I have to say this, but here we are. Don't be mad at me if I didn't get something that you didn't say explicitly, i know there are languages and cultural barriers so perhaps we should reduce ambiguity. Name the aircraft you drew clearly so i don't have to guess. If applicable, the social media account you made contact with LMA will automatically be listed below the website next to your collaborator initials; if for whatever reason you don't want that to happen, make it clear in advance. 

- TITLE: make sure aircraft type, variant, model scale are clearly marked on the sheet. You can also show template's creator information.

- ENGINES & OPTIONS: please remove irrelevant/ not used engines, winglets etc. from the finished template. ie if that airline only uses RR engine, remove PW/ GE engine from the template.

- COPYRIGHTS & LIABILITIES: Do not use images or templates that are not by yourself without permission. Creators are responsible for the content that they create. While LMA is taking reasonable steps to screen for inappropriate content, LMA will not take responsibility for any issue caused by content made by creators on the site.

- QUALITY: with hundreds of visitors around the globe visiting LMA website each day, template quality is taken seriously. LMA is not a place to share random edits sketched on ipad but a stage to showcase world-class paper models. 

As a standardized test, all templates by LMA have a small text usually put on the top right corner. Make sure in your final file all of those remain legible, and no parts being more blurry than that. Failing to meet that will be viewed as spam.

- UPLOAD: new repaints of an existing template are aimed to be uploaded within one week after being received.

- ALL NEW TEMPLATE: templates of new aircraft type submissions intending to be published on the LMA are much more rigorously reviewed before uploading. LMA is going to reject submissions that are not up to standard. The review process may involve LMA test assembling a sample to make it is reasonably easy to make and accurate, therefore it will take more time. Creator of new templates should also send in photos of completed models to be shown on the website.

New creators intending to submit new templates had to complete at least 20 good repaints to demonstrate he/she had the skills and understanding of LMA model ethos.

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