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handmade paper model airplane templates download airbus

Tips for assembling

_assembly guid_b747-01.jpg

Apart from this general tips,  there are some detailed step-by-step assembling guides for some of our templates. This is available for a320, b737, b747, b787, f-22 (can be found on the top of the respective model pages under "sort by manufacturer"). The templates for dash 8, C-17 and H-60 is rather self-explanatory.


For other models, refer to the guide for b787 (for widebodies) or a320 (for narrow bodies)

aeroplane glue package airbus a320 Spirit Airlines

The glue recommended is UHU all purpose adhesive.

How I make my models (from scratch)






What software are used for the making of these templates?


Can I edit / make custom liveries from your template?

Yes, here are some suggestions on how you can do it:

(1) You can use image software (MS paint/Photoshop/ paintNET etc.) to put simple logos on the white png/pdf templates (suitable for simple liveries such as JAL/ Air France)


(2) use professional drawing software (adobe illustrator /AutoCAD etc.) to edit my pdfs, you can create more complicated graphics, curves that flows along different parts etc. (such as the Boeing house livery, Eva Air new livery etc.)


(3) use Photoshop etc. to combine more then one templates, making a longer/shorter variety of an existing template  (like making Ethiopian 787-9 with my Ethiopian 787-8 & white 787-9 templates)

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