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The website for model airplane template

New Uploads


A320 GlobalX Airlines-Bad Bunny livery

by H+L


A330-900 Malaysia Airlines (Negaraku Livery)

by H+L


B777-200ER Saudia - retro livery

by H+L


ATR 72 Air Haifa

By L+C


A320 Thai Airways-full livery

by MT+L


B737-800 Biman Bangladesh

by D+L



by D+L


A320 Bamboo Airways-white livery

by D+L


ATR 72 EWA Air

By D+C


B767-300ER Air Madagascar

by D+L

A few rules and principles for the little_model_airport (LMA) going forward.

This is to establish an explicit understanding of expectations on all parties; and therefore to sustain the smooth running of LMA. 

We have over 160 templates across all major airliner manufacturers and different airline liveries around the world. From de Havilland dash 8 to Boeing 747.


Simply search by  your preferred way above.

Paper model templates of airplanes designed by little_model_airport featuring rounded fuselage and 3d nose/ tail construction, striking a balance between workability and accuracy for small-scale models (1:400 - 1:500). Simply download the template and have it made following the guidance.


A glimpse of what you can find on this website. Wide range of well-made templates for 3D paper models with detailed livery. suitable for 1:400 and 1:500 scale collectors and model airports.

What YOU can make

Paper model airplane

How paper models from made from our templates look like.

It's small, its 3d, it's well detailed, it's robust

No printer? No problem!

You can enjoy the hobby even without access to a printer. A simple guide for making DIY paper models the traditional way.

You can also make something original this way.

More than a model

With miniature models, it enables you to make all sorts of creative contents, from amazing still image shots, diorama sets, to carefully put together stop motion animations.

hand made paper model miniature diorama set urban cityscape aviation airplane spotting
gatwick airport london airbus a320



Instagram page: little_model_airport was created in 2017, posting pictures of a fictional model airport, including some handmade paper model planes and special vehicles. Part of the goal is to promote the hobby of model making and papercraft, especially in the context of 1/400 and 1/500 scale models where diecast counterparts dominate it.


Starting from 2019, the paper model templates were gradually computerised and shared online on Instagram. This website was created in 2022, aiming to share and advocate the craft in a more open and systematic way.


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